Find My Bridge


Bridge Finder v1

Find My Bridge finder is our core feature, it contains the most extensive list of bridges and growing, Find My Bridge provides direct access to the largest inventory of bridges to all ecosystems.
Please consider that the routes displayed are generic and do not filter by any specific token, please check the bridge website for the desired token to bridge and if there is no route available please try another.

Bridge Finder v2

The upcoming enhancement for our bridge finder will include detailed information for bridges such as transaction fees, network fees and transaction times. These figures are updated regularly and are based on the information provided by bridges documentation and bridge simulation using as standard the USDC token.

Composable Bridge/Swap (upcoming)

Find My Bridge will launch a composable bridge and swap feature which allows users to perform bridging and swapping from a trusted environment, 100% decentralized and the core of the protocol functionality for long-term sustainability.

#RealYield staking

Users are incentivized to stake $FMB tokens through our unique dynamic staking, a minimum of tokens or value is required to qualify for staking rewards and users are upgraded or downgraded according to the minimum staking requirements.
Platform fees are 100% directed to stakers providing real yield over their stake, each tier yield is calculated weekly and updated in our smart contracts.
The platform incentivizes users to stake and interact with our built-in swap/bridge and gain real revenue whilst supporting the long-term vision of the app.

Beginners Mode

New blockchain users are often overwhelmed with the UI/UX of traditional bridges and dexes, discouraging usage and afraid of uncertain outcomes.
Find My Bridge allows users to activate Beginners Mode, this feature enables a highly detailed description of the platform functionalities so users are aware of each independent field available in the app and fill the gap between non-expert or beginners UX and more traditional UX for more advanced users.

Learn to Earn

Our vision of growing blockchain adoption starts at the very basics, starting with simple educational content users are rewarded for learning the basics of blockchain.
Protocols are welcome to market $FMB users by providing educational content to users and thus increasing the odds of onboarding new users to their services or products.


A great and proven method for onboarding new users to apps is the use of gamification features, by doing so, apps soften the learning curve of the user experience making it an enjoyable experience whilst learning.
Our "Road to DeFi" system aims to help new blockchain users in their path to understanding Web3 and reaching a thorough understanding of wallet management, swaps, bridging and DeFi with active actions that regular users perform on a daily basis.

Referral Program

Users are rewarded for onboarding new users to the platform, a win-win scenario for both loyal users and the long-term sustainability of the protocol.
Referral campaigns will be launched frequently with different incentives to referrers and referees boosting the vision of a user-centric app.