Find My Bridge

Spread the Word

Spread The Word
As an ambassador, your mission is to drive more users to Find My Bridge and grow the $FMB vision. The scope of your work is limited only by your creativity.
This program is not compensated. You would be doing volunteer community work.
  • You have engaged followers on crypto Twitter; or
  • You are a respected member of a crypto community; or
  • You are a great writer, content, or meme creator (with tangible experience); or
Your Role
Anything you do that is ethical (not spam or hard shilling) that grows awareness is acceptable. Here are some examples:
Promote $FMB
  • Spread the Word replying to high value, relevant tweets
  • Recruit new ambassadors
  • Introduce influencers to Find My Bridge
  • Reach out and create partnerships with other protocols
  • Like and retweet Find My Bridge official announcements.
Create Content for $FMB
  • Create and grow local Find MY Bridge communities in your own language on Telegram
  • Tweet about $FMB (bonus if it's a high-quality thread!)
  • Publish articles on Medium
  • Create educational videos on Youtube or TikTok
Design for $FMB
  • Create memes and post them on social media
  • Create cool $FMB graphics and animations
Community Engagement
  • Engage with the community on Twitter.
  • Share relevant news and/or memes on social channels
If you are interested in becoming an ambassador please send an email to [email protected] and provide proof of the mentioned requirements.